Seal Tech Residential Services

residential sealcoating

What to expect when we seal coat your asphalt driveway:

Power Edging and Border Prep
• To protect all lawn and border edges from spills, remove plant matter and create clean asphalt surface edges.

Asphalt Surface Prep
• Power broom to deep clean and dislodge embedded sand and debris
• Power blow to complete removal of debris and ensure proper seal coat adhesion

Hot Crack Fill
• To mend gaps, cracks and surface imperfections to preserve asphalt integrity and a create a uniform surface to promote asphalt water shielding ability

Oil Spot Pre-Treatment Cleaning
• To promote sealcoat product adhesion to areas damaged by vehicle fluids

Asphalt Patching
• Repair of major or minor areas of asphalt surface that have dropped or settled, to preserve asphalt integrity and to promote asphalt water shielding ability

Seal Coat Application
• Seal Tech high quality seal coat product applied with natural fiber brushes to ensure deep saturation and provide complete sealant application

Seal Tech Performance Satisfaction Guarantee:
Choosing Seal Tech ensures you will only receive the best products and services. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our services. Call Seal Tech before winter and we will immediately return to correct the problem at no additional cost.

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