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Seal coating protects your asphalt driveway like a high quality car wax protects your car’s paint. Exposure to climate forces such as: sun, rain, snow, heat and freezing temperatures, naturally degrade asphalt surfaces. Divits, dimples and other signs of asphalt erosion from weather elements may leave your driveway vulnerable to accelerated erosion.

Weather eroded asphalt driveways and pavement is more susceptible to cracking and less able to keep up with the strain of vehicle weight, repetitive usage and traffic patterns. You may avoid premature driveway replacement costs by keeping your asphalt driveway properly maintained today.

Properly applied, quality seal coating products can help protect your driveway surface and asphalt investment. Seal Tech uses only high quality seal coating base products. Our seal coat base product is individually batch quality-tested by the manufacturer and combined per Seal Tech quality standards at your job site. You can expect your Seal Tech seal coated driveway to last two to three years with normal traffic and usage.

Seal Tech does all project estimating after visiting the project site location. Our in-person estimating allows us to inspect asphalt conditions and provide you with an accurate, detailed written estimate.

Seal Tech has been trusted by new customers and repeat customers since 1999. In additional to our residential work we also work with commercial property management companies, townhome associations and municipalities.

Our clients appreciate our attention to detail from site preview and estimating through seal coating project execution to final clean up and finish. We think you will too! Call or email us today to set an appointment for a no-cost estimate!